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Granada, Alhambra Caterpillar Nests – Review of 2010 – Jan

As I still haven’t got used to 2011 and am new to blogs, I start with a review of 2010.


Pretty cold in Ireland so spent New Year in Granada, Spain.  Lovely city with great buildings, athmosphere and views.  Wildlife-wise it wasn’t the greatest trip but you couldn’t miss the sound of the numerous Sparrows preparing to roost in the trees in the city’s squares.

Pine Processionary Caterpillar Larval Nest

Outside the city we found a few Larval Nests of Pine Processionary Caterpillars.

Like millions of others we had to visit the Alhambra.  It has great views of the city and surrounding countryside but  is not easily forgettable in its own right.

Eventually cold Dublin had to be faced but it can look pretty good in the snow …


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