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Waterford weekend – Birds & Lambs

Just had a nice weekend in Waterford.  Kittiwakes on ledge Dunmore East Weather wasn’t great – cloudy and hazy – but it was dry.

Visited a good few lakes and reservoirs as well as coastal towns and harbours.

In Dunmore East, a Kittiwake colony seems to be more or less permanent. Certainly I didn’t expect to see them on a cliff ledge in early March!

These gulls are distinguished by their plain yellow beaks and black legs as well as their call from which they get their name.

The scenery in this part of the country is great but we had to imagine how its real brilliance in sunshine.

The various lakes didn’t seem to have too many birds but there were a good few Mute Swans.  On one reservoir I came across this unfortunate specimen amongst a small group of Mute Swans.  It seems to be a Whooper from the beak colour but has an unusual bump on its beak.   Perhaps it has a deformation or is the result of a mixed species relationship?

Whooper Swan variation reservoir Waterford









On the way back we had lunch in the beautiful Inistioge in Kilkenny and a walk along the Nore and in the grounds of Woodstock House with its magnificent trees.

Some of the fields sported fairly new lambs complete with baggy skin and fussing mothers.

New Lambs Inistioge Kilkenny


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