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New Arrivals

Great Easter news.  Instead of getting an Easter egg (well actually as well as getting an Easter egg), I got the gift of life for Easter – ‘twould nearly make you religious.

The fairer half bought me a camera nestbox for my last birthday and eventually I put it up on the house wall, thinking it wasn’t a great place and it would have to be moved.  Well, anyway, a blue tit started sleeping in it very soon after and before Easter started making a nest in it.

We never saw two of them near the box and sort of thought the ould bird was a bit fanciful.  But over the Easter we turned on the video to see a gleaming egg in the nest.  Maybe its another divine intervention or maybe the male is shy of cameras but WHEY-HEY, we have a live nest box with a colour camera watching all the poor little mite’s every move!

Seems a bit intrusive at times.  Seems a bit like paint drying at times as well but WHEY-HEY, to know that on the other side of our sitting room wall there is a baby tit (or 10) in the making.

Of course I’ve no pictures for you – I’m not a pervert, well not until I figure an easy way of converting the signals!

AND news number 2!!!!   What an Easter!  There I was minding my own business and that of a hunter spider I had been keeping an eye on, down the end of the garden,when I noticed a small branch moving in the pond area.  It seemed unusual as the wind shouldn’t have reached there.

Next thing, I see 2 ears moving around. I thought at first it was a rabbit that had taken over the old rabbit burrows (a previous owner had domesticated rabbits).  This was a surprise as I was becoming certain that Badgers were there again, due to grey hairs seen there, burrows enlarged and bits of animal remains nearby.

But no, on further viewing it turned out to be a young fox!  There we were young fox and I, staring at each other – well me staring at him / her until I had the great idea of pointing the camera in that direction.  Young fox disappeared.  I sat out for an hour and a half but didn’t get a glimpse again.  Hopefully more info / pics to come.

Badgers have  had a tragic time in the garden over the years as at least 2 previous families were  killed by locals worried about commercial cow farming!

It is magical to think of these wild animals having a den in a back garden but not everyone is of the same opinion.  I was told today of a fox seen in a front garden one morning on the way to work, near Ballsbridge, and the DSPCA or similar were called to get rid of him!

More anon, hopefully.


One response

  1. That’s fantastic – fox cub & Blue Tits nesting!
    How did you manage that?
    We’ve had a nest box up now since March & nothing has even looked at it! We’ve even made the hole bigger in the hope that a pair of Sparrows may take a fancy to it but nothing so far!
    It’s sad about the badgers – we had 3 fox cubs & a badger in our last garden & we felt privileged to have them 🙂

    April 30, 2011 at 11:38 am

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