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Boys in Blue – phew!

Cardif, 22nd May 2011, the definitive game of 2 halves. Heaslip on charge HC final Cardiff

What a roller-coaster.

At half time, depressed Leinster fans were nearly afraid to hope.  Saints fans – Jimmies – were beside themselves with joy.

Leinster Celebration lap HC Cardiff

However in the 2nd half, an envigourated, determined and free-flowing Leinster finally showed their strength and the great passing and running game that had blown away all comers up to that and the Saints could not cope.  They were helped in the second half by the poor and naive refereeing of Mnsr. Poite who now gave the penalties to Leinster seemingly because they were going forward – when he had repeatedly wrongly punished them  in the 1st half for the opposite ‘offence’!  There are so many offences now in Rugby that the referee has an incredible influence on the game.  There is an acute need for education and increased standards in refereeing and more standardisation of the interpretations.

Currently the referrees penalise only a fraction of the offences and this necessarily skews games as referrees are human.  Almost all the offences should be called which would lead to fairer matches, more adherence to the rules and eventually a smaller and simpler set of rules.  The current tinkering and continuous adding to the rules in the name of making the game more open,  is crazy.  Also ignoring forward passes and preventing players from fighting for the ball (close to the core of the game) is slowly turning it into a mix between Rugby League and American Football!

Horgan & Cullen hold HC on Leinster Celebration lap Cardiff
Leinster congratulated on HC Final win Cardiff

Brilliant exhibition and a great day but commiserations to the Saints fans who were gracious after the match, offering their congratulations even though this must have been an awful way to lose.


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