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Bartolome & Sandiago Is view from Bartolome Volcano GalapagosThere are some places in the world that are beyond the normal –  the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef …

The islands off the coast of Ecuador are in that class but offer something different.

They are remote, intriguing, volcanic.  They are of different ages and have different habitats.  But most of all they are teeming with wildlife and many of the species are endemic.

Most have not grown scared of us.

Marine Iguana Espanola race on rocky beach Punta Suarez Galapagos.





Marine Iguana Espanola race head resting on rock Gardner Bay GalapagosThere be monsters there!

Surrounded by such a sight, you have to be careful not to walk on them!

Sally Lightfoot Crab on rock Gardner Bay Espanola Galapagos

Even the crabs are ‘other-worldly’ in this lost paradise.

There are also the most delicate creatures, like the tiny Storm-petrel which can walk on water even in rough seas,

Elliots Storm_petrel walking on sea off Bartolome Isand Red-billed Red-billed Tropicbird flying off Floreana Is GalapagosTropicbirds.

Living on a boat and walking and smimming / snorkelling around the islands for a week is healthy as well as fascinating.

You get to sea both land and sea creatures.

The latter include the impressive

Galapagos Sea Lion M off beach Cero Brujo San Cristobal GalapagosGalapagos Sea Lions, which populate many of the beaches, patrol the shore-line and even ‘loll about’ on benches in the few island towns!

Galapagos Sea Lions resting Puerto Baquerizo Moreno seafront San ChristobalGalapagos Sea Lions on Gardner Bay beach Espanola IsOther mammals include the unhurried Galapagos Giant Tortoise, found on some higher grounds.

Galapagos Giant Tortoise eating leaves highlands centre Santa Cruz Is

On the aviation side, the attractions include Blue-footed Boobies (wonder did Elvis get inspiration here?),Blue-footed Booby flying Las Bachas Santa Cruz Galapagos

and  the ostentatious Magnificent Frigatebirds.Magnificent Frigatebird M displaying in bush nest Seymour North Galapagos

Brown Pelicans are a familiar sight.

Brown Pelican head Cero Brujo San Cristobal Galapagos

Despite all these amazing birds, the most impressive in some ways are the Waved Albatrosses

Waved Albatross flying over Punta Suarez Espanola GalapagosWaved Albatross calling Punta Suarez Espanola Galapagos

This really is a wild and fun place.  Hopefully it can withstand the intrusion of tourism.

Galapagos Sea lions playing off Rabida Is Galapagos


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  1. Jimmy Reynolds

    Great photos – the wildlife has really improved in Tulfarris!

    April 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm

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