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Lizzie’s Lassies at Large

The good news is that Lizzie brought up 3 fine chicks and they fledged in June, while I was at the office.  Originally there had been 6 but we suspect that the winter and ‘spring’ has taken its toll of the insect population and they found it hard to feed the poor little bairns.
Starling feeding leatherjackets to juv in nest box

Starling feeding leatherjackets to juvenile
in nest box

We weren’t sure that all 3 would make it as 1 seemed to be more lethargic and smaller, often disappearing under the other two!  However as we watched, it became apparent that the size was more to do with the distance from the camera and that they seemed to rotate the lethargic position.  The one that had been fed a lot, seemed to get lazier and slid down into the warmer deeper part of the nest.
Anyway 3 is not a bad result.
Our starlings again produced a fine gang of young’uns around the same time and have already produced a second brood!  Energy  seemed to be unbounded as they flew nearly continuously in and out of the garage nest box.
Elsewhere in the garden, Blackbirds had a successful breeding season as did Robins but it seemed to be generally a poorer breeding season from our viewpoint – perhaps the bad Spring was to blame?
Nearby Rooks and  Jackdaws seemed to produce their usual noisy kindergarten group while the sky was brightened by the fast flying and twittering House Martins and Swallows as well as Sand Martins.

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