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Newer Arrivals

Didn’t get to see an egg for the last few days in the Blue Tit nest box.  She keeps it well hidden.   Got a short glimpse tonight though and there are now 5 eggs.

Wonder how many she can deliver?

To be continued….

You may Mandarin Duck M with Tufted Duck F, Saint Stephens Green, Dublinhave seen the post on the Wook Duck on the Grand Canal, from March (, well, yesterday morning on the walk to work, a male Mandarin Duck was on the pond in St. Stephen’s Green.

Only had my pocket camera with me and didn’t do a great job of it in the few minutes he stayed but it is clear that this isn’t a normal Dublin duck.

There seems to be a lot of Wood Duck and Mandarin sightings around lately but I haven’t heard a reason for it.  Seems strange as they come from different directions around the world – maybe escapes from a collection?